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10:00 AM Sunday's & 7:00 PM Thursday's

Sunday Bible Study
Walking In Victory
Walking In Victory

No matter how long a believer has been saved, his or her life should be characterized by spiritual growth! A true follower of Jesus isn’t content with a surface knowledge of the Lord. The more you know Him, the more you want to know Him. Do you desire a greater understanding of the Word of God? Do you want your life to reflect that greater understanding? Do you want your life to count for Christ? Would you like to accelerate your spiritual growth and change your life forever? Would you like to be used by the Holy Spirit and serve the Lord effectively? Would you like to take your place in the Great Commission and make a lasting impact in advancing God’s Kingdom in this world?

Just as any building needs a strong foundation, all believers today need a sound foundation and understanding of the great truths of the Christian faith. This bible study is easy-to-understand  and you will gain a firm grasp on these key topics: 

  • Understanding Salvation and the Power of the Gospel
  • Embracing the Victory of the Cross
  • Knowing God Personally: His Character and Attributes
  • Walking With God — Keys to Understanding the Bible
  • Design for Discipleship: Becoming a True Christ Follower
  • Explaining Water Baptism: Why? When? How?
  • Learning to Pray the Bible Way
  • Developing Victorious and Unwavering Faith
  • Living in the Power of the Holy Spirit
  • Discerning God’s Will for Your Life
  • Growing in Grace and Godly Character
  • Experiencing the Power of a Renewed Mind
  • Discovering Your True Identity in Christ
  • Understanding the Believer’s Authority
  • Training for Reigning in Spiritual Warfare
  • Understanding God’s Plan for the Local Church
  • Finding Your Ministry and Serving the Lord Effectively
  • Honoring God Financially — The Master Key to Blessing
  • Sharing Your Faith, Winning Souls and Making Disciples
  • Pleasing God and Living the Abundant Life

Walking In Victory provides a clear, systematic and in-depth presentation of the essential foundations of the Christian faith — core truths to build your life on. 

Join us each Sunday morning before Service.  We meet from 8:30 AM - 9:30 PM.