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Sunday, April 21 2019

Jn 18:1; Jn 11:38-44;

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The significance of why we celebrate Resurrection Sunday (Easter Sunday) is because it was the grace and mercy of God to give mankind an opportunity to come back to Him their creator and Father. Just as the seed of the man and the woman give birth to their children God the Father gave birth to Adam and his wife in the garden from the dust of the earth and breathed the breath of life in them. From that time on man became a living soul and the ability to pro-create life. In John 18:1 we see that a betrayal takes place in another garden. In the same way, there is reference to of Eden, and what happened in the Garden of Eden with Adam. God was betrayed by His crested children so there are similarities. 

John 18:1; Jn.11:38-44; 

In John 11:38-44 we see that Lazarus was buried in a cave with a stone laid over the entrance. It is the same as the tomb in which Jesus was laid of which these were not far from where the crucifixion took place for the burial of Jesus. Jesus in the garden can be seen to represent humanity restored, through His death, to the original state of perfection of Adam and Eve in paradise. John relates to the event that takes place Mary Magdalene, goes to the sepulcher, in the darkness of early morning and for reasons that are not explained. She finds the stone rolled back from the entrance and runs to tell Peter and “the other disciple (John), the one whom Jesus loved” Of course Peter is enthusiastic and impetuous, and he enters the tomb first. John is the one who first realizes what has happened. In John 20:1-18 John sees and understands now what Jesus was saying to them these 3 years that they had spent learning and hearing His teachings, “He is Risen” death no longer has victory over the believer who walks by faith. The Apostle Paul tells Timothy in 2Timothy 2:10-16 he gives Timothy guide lines for the Church to follow and an understanding of the results of our destiny in Jesus. 

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