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Sunday, November 26 2017

Psalm 119:11; Genesis 1:1-5,26; Genesis 2:7,15-18; Genesis 3:1-24; John 1:1-18; John 2:13-19;

Audio Messsage:

That happened from Genesis to Revelation that forever changed the thinking of Mankind. To you in the Church, some look at the building as the church and do their Sunday duties like the orthodox Jewish go to Synagogue. But something changed and I will relate it with the gospel of John and what happened after all that God did in the beginning to inspire mankind to realize that His ways were for the better and not a burden that many seem to think they are. God had to use a man to accomplish His desires to be fulfilled because it is Man that God gave the ability to carry His very breath and life not an angel. We have the only explicit privilege the God given privilege in our lives. That is powerful in itself yet we do not fully understand what it means or what it meant to God the Father Himself. I will try to explain as the Holy Spirit revealed it to me. David said in the Psalms 119:11 I have hid in my heart your word, so that I may not sin against you. In the Hebrew it becomes much clearer, it says, Your ’im-rā- ṯe-ḵā; אִמְרָתֶ֑ךָ Your spoken word

What happened in Genesis 1:1-5 I the very start of something out of nothing and God spoke. God speaking was His Word ( Jesus,Yeshua) and the SPIRIT OF GOD, the (Holy Spirit)Ruach of God, we see the three persons of the Trinity. In Genesis 1:26 God said let US make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; and let them rule over the fish of the sea and over
the birds etc. There is a difference in God’s purpose He gave to you and I special authority that was eventually mankind gave up that authority in the misuse of God’s word Genesis 2:15-18; no different from today mankind is still doing it again “when we don’t trust what God says and live by our opinion’s.” The more we follow our opinion the less we believe in what God’s Word tells us. Then we make ourselves out to be God and we no longer have a savior because we become our own salvation in ourselves and we can’t save ourselves. I saw by the Holy Spirit how we tear apart in picture form how in Genesis God’s word was misused and how Jesus and His words from the Father are misused.

When Jesus was Scourged and crucified on the Cross it was the literal tearing of the cat of nine tails ripping into the very flesh of the Son of God. It was the thing we do when we misuse Gods word for our own selfish gainand don’t take heed to what the course we take that moves us from children being obedient to disobedient children. When we wonder many times why we are missing out on the blessings of God in our lives.

Look at John 1:1-18. What brings discouragement in our lives many times it is because we are not able to bring about change in what we want even though it may seem right. We must realize that even God will not override the will of another human being. God gave us the free will to decide to make decisions and some have let fear take the place of Faith. Faith is what propels us to move with God. Faith says God’s word is true and just and I will follow God and not man. There is always a cost in following God you can lose friends and even family you and I have to decide.

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