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Sunday, August 19 2018

Jn 10:1-10; Mat 7:24-29; Mat 7:7-23; Heb 4:9-16;

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A.W. Tozer put it this way it is the exploration into the essence of God’s nature. Tozer put it this way “fellowship of the burning heart” to pursue after the heart of God so much so that our hearts burn with a desire to only do His will and with everything within us to fulfill His purposes in our lives. We must make our walk with God of the utmost priority in our lives. This can only be accomplished when we first learn to Quiet our Soul, mind, thoughts. This can only be acquired in the quietness of our time in prayer and it doesn’t require going away to a retreat only a quiet room with you and God alone. It is true that some things cannot be taught but experienced in God. We cannot dictate a spiritual atmosphere in our lives it can only be lived and expressed in the life style of the true believer. Today many preachers and teachers water down or disallow the deep spiritual understanding and the Love of God in the Scripture and only resort to the lecture side of scripture to teach but miss the Holy Spirit in the delivery. I HAVE NEVER DESIRED THIS ONLY BUT TO ALLOW THE HOLY SPIRIT TO GUIDE AND TEACH.

BODY OF TEXT: John 10:1-10; Matthew 7:24-29; Matthew 7:7-23; Hebrews 4:9-16.

I am using this passage of scripture for us to grasp the real understanding of Who it is that we serve and why. We are not looking for a religion or an organization but a person. No matter what we do in this life we need to be guided by one Shepard not organizations or followings but one who loves us and cares for us. We do not create He does and we follow in His footsteps alone. Without a Shepard we will parish because we need guidance and help. We have done many things that have brought destructive things, relationships that are self- motivated and eventually become destructive. We can only understand love through the guidance of the Good Shepard Jesus. We build many structures that eventually will crumble because we build everything on sand and not on solid Rock Matthew 7:24-29. If we read earlier in this chapter we can see in Matthew7:7-23 that when we ask of God with a pure heart and love for God we will receive from God and do what His heart desires and then we will be fulfilled and God will be pleased in all that we say and do because we are not just trying to fulfill our wants but the desire of God in our lives. 

We are impatient and want to fulfill our desires even though we also want God to be a great part of our lives yet we are struggling to get what we want to accomplish in life and have God’s blessing’s on what we do for His approval. First of all God doesn’t need any help from us we need His help and guidance to fulfill all that He desires in our lives. We do not like to be uncomfortable and wait for His timing on most things in our lives and can’t understand why everything fails.
When we look at the book of Hebrews 4:9-16 these passages speak to us about taking a rest the Sabbath rest. This rest is not only for the Sunday morning or the day it is also speaking of our resting in Jesus because of the finished work on the Cross that He fulfilled all that we need. These passages speak to our makeup that God created us to be a reflection of Who He is in us. But it all got tainted at the fall and redeemed at the Cross by the Blood of Jesus. In verse 14 we are told that Jesus is our High Priest He has accomplished all that the Father has desired for you and I and because of that we are to hold on to this great promise of salvation and not lose our confession of Faith and Hope in Jesus. 

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