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Sunday, March 17 2019

Lu 19:1-10; Lev 6:1-5; Num 5:5-7;

Scriptures Bible Gateway (NASB & NIV):

Audio Message: 

ave you encountered Jesus today? Have you touched the hem of His garment? Have you seen the love of Jesus today touching your heart? Has Jesus said to you I want to come to your house today? Do we understand any of these questions today? These are the questions that people had when Jesus walked the Earth in the flesh before being crucified on the cross. YOU see this was the last Journey to Jerusalem and He passed through Jericho to go to Jerusalem. Now on His way to Jerusalem through Jericho Jesus came across a man named Zacchaeus a chief tax collector, and he was rich. 

Lu 19:1-10; Lev 6:1-5; Num 5:5-7:

Zacchaeus was a curious because he wanted to see Jesus. Zacchaeus was a short man in stature and there was a crowd of people. I’m sure you have been there at some time in your life and couldn’t see over the crowd. So he runs to a tree and climbs up to see Jesus. We see in this short story an encounter with Jesus and to those around Jesus they see only one thing Jesus talking to as they saw a bad and evil man a tax collector who stole their money collecting taxes for Rome. How can this man even be allowed to even speak to Jesus? Yet Zacchaeus was so curious to climb up the tree rather than use his tax collector authority and push his way through the crowd. You see Jesus saw what others couldn’t see and that was his heart. That is what Jesus sees more than anything he looks at the hearts of people. Jesus gives all of mankind the opportunity to come to their home and have meals with them. He wants to dwell in every human being and bring salvation to them. When we see how Zacchaeus responds to Jesus in a repentant way by his willingness to give restitution to those he took from. Jesus looked at his heart and said Zacchaeus today salvation has come to this house. God is looking at the heart the inward spirit of man and woman to see a willingness to surrender to Him. This is the purpose of these biblical stories are to help us see that God is not desiring anyone to go to Hell. He reserved that for Satan and his fallen angels. But we are all given the opportunity to let Jesus come to our House today that is all He is asking will you let Him. 

The word Salvation: comes from the Greek soteria meaning; deliverance, preservation, soundness, prosperity, happiness, rescue, general well-being. The word is used both in a material, temporal sense and in a spiritual eternal sense. 

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